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This Anti-Malware scanner is very popular for searching Malware, Viruses, and other security threats and vulnerabilities on your server. We’ve used this plugin for some time and it never fail us to fix the vulnerabilities that we’ve stumble upon through the years.

Install the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New, Search for Anti Malware Security. Install and activate the plugin.

anti malware security installing

Figure 1. Installing Anti-Malware Security plugin


Now click on Scan Settings.

From the Scan Settings Dashboard, you can perform a complete scan, wp-content scan and plugins scan. But first, register the plugin by clicking on the GET Free Key.

scan settings get free key

Figure 2. Get free Anti-Malware key


Make sure your information is correct and click on Register Now.

register anti malware

Figure 3. Register the Anti-Malware plugin


When the registration is completed, click on Download New Definitions.

download new definition anti-malware

Figure 4. Download new definitions for Anti-Malware


Click Save Settings.

Now you can perform the scan for your website. Choose what to scan and click on Run Complete Scan.

The scanner will go through your website and search for any malicious files. If found, the scanner will tell you how to fix them and put in the quarantine.

scan anti-malware

Figure 5. Scanner Anti-Malware


That’s basically what this plugin does. Scanning your website, finding the malicious files and putting them in quarantine. And it does a hell of a job for that purpose.


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