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It has been identified that WordPress powers over 70 million of websites out there on the Internet. As a result, a wide range of plugins has been introduced to cater the security needs of WordPress.

VaultPress Overview

VaultPress holds a prominent place out of them. VaultPress can simply be defined as an extensive security, backup and support service that is designed to help websites stay away from potential threats or corruption.

VaultPress was created by the Automatic company, which has introduced a wide range of useful WordPress plugins throughout the past few years. The founder of Automatic, Matt Mullenweg, is also the founder of WordPress. Automatic was initially launched in 2010 as an invitation-only service, but now it offers paid subscription plans for the people in need.

VaultPress Configuration

You can set up VaultPress in a simple manner. It is most suited for websites created on, and all you need is a account from where you will be logging to your VaultPress Dashboard. But the plugin also works on self-hosted WordPress installation as well.

After you are done setting up the plugin, your job is done. Vault Press will constantly be backing up your blogs as necessary.

The guys from VaultPress had implemented a so-called Real-time backup. That means every time something changes on your WordPress setup, regardless of its nature (publishing a post, someone making a comment, new user registration, uploaded image, or anything else), VaultPress automatically gets a notification, and that particular change is updated in your backup.

vaultpress dashboard

Figure 1. VaultPress Dashboard


The first page when you enter the VaultPress Dashboard contains all the backups along with how many elements were included in the backup (post, pages, users, comments, etc…).

On the right, next to every backup, there is an option for retrieving your data by selecting the elements you want to be retrieved and clicking on the β€œDownload” button.

VaultPress Features

The unique and impressive features offered by VaultPress have played a significant role behind its popularity. It has the potential to help you with backing up your existing WordPress website in a simple and efficient manner.

On the other hand, you can easily restore your site at any time you want without much hassle.

The security scanning and removal tools offered by VaultPress are impressive. It can also help you to back up your entire databases.

VaultPress offers excellent site migration assistance, and you don’t need to seek the help of a professional web developer to back up your WordPress website and restore it on another server. The top notch customer support can easily be reached when you need assistance, and they will provide quick solutions to all the issues and doubts that you have. The best thing about VaultPress is that it can work with managed WordPress hosting.

VaultPress Pricing

VaultPress subscription is offered to the users under three pricing plans. They include:

  • VaultPress Lite Plan

Lite Plan is the most affordable plan offered to WordPress users, and it is priced at $5 per month. Once you obtain the subscription to this plan, you can receive a daily backup for your website. Also, you will gain access to automated website restoration when the site goes through a critical data loss.

  • VaultPress Basic Plan

The Basic Plan offered by VaultPress is priced $15 per month. It provides real-time backups to the users, instead of daily backups. You will also receive a comprehensive concierge and disaster recovery support along with this plan.

  • VaultPress Premium Plan

Premium PlanΒ is marked at $40 per month. If you obtain this premium plan, you will be able to experience all the features offered by Lite and Basic plans. Also, you will be given priority during concierge and disaster recovery support. The features available only for premium plan holders include site migration assistance, one-click fixes for threats, security notifications, and daily security scans.

Final Words

If you are concerned about the security of your WordPress website, you can think about spending your money on VaultPress without any doubt on your mind. The amount you spend on it will be an excellent investment done towards the future. We really liked the Real Time backups feature where every change on your WordPress website is backing-up once it is made. However, the plugin is still in the development phase, so we will not judge him yet with many cons, and we will give it some time, for now, to see how it will turn out in near future.

Nonetheless, at our option, if you’ve already decided to spend money on premium WordPress backup plugin, please first take a look at our other reviews concerning premium backup WP plugins. We’ve done a lot of thorough step-by-step reviews where you can find many interesting plugins for this purpose that you need to consider first, before making your final decision about what plugin is going to make functional backups of your WordPress site.


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