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Acunetix Security plugin is another comprehensive security tool that will secure your WordPress membership site with its features for:

  • securing file permissions,
  • security of the database,
  • version hiding,
  • WordPress admin protection and lots more.

Install the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Search for Acunetix WP Security.

acunetix wp security

Figure 1. Installing Acunetix WP Security


Find the WP Security dashboard and open the Database section. Before making any change with this plugin, we recommend to Backup your database.

backup now

Figure 2. Make backup before operating with the plugin


Take a look below if your database prefix is the standard wp_. If it is, we recommend to change it to something else. Click on Start Renaming.

renaming database

Figure 3. Rename your database prefix


Once your database is backed up and set with the right hard-to-guess prefix, open the Settings section.

From here check ALL features and click on Update Settings.

acunetix wp security all settings

Figure 4. Set Acunetix all security settings


Now open WP Info. If there are some recommended fixes, click on Apply suggested permissions.

set permissions acunetix

Figure 5. Set permissions with Acunetix


From WP File Scan you can scan for modified files, if you suspect someone is changing something on your site without your knowledge.

acunetix file scan

Figure 6. Acunetix file changes scan


That’s it. Now your WordPress site is nicely secured.


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