About WebMaxFormance

WebMaxFormance is a top-level Online Marketing company aimed at providing cost-effective digital marketing consulting and solutions for top-level business leaders.

What We Do?

We take businesses to the next level by fine-tuning their web presence.

The web presence (website, social, email, ads, etc.) of a company must be finely tuned and synchronized, so that everything that goes public works together to improve the company’s ability to attract high-quality clients.
There’s always room to take one extra step toward perfection. We help companies take consecutive steps, and experience sustained growth for years on end.

Where We Start?

Ethics and Marketing First Principles.

You’ve probably heard consultants and agencies say “If someone talks about ethics, it’s a good indicator that they won’t deliver”. In debates, this is called a deflection strategy. It’s a perfect shut-down for any conversation about ethics, and a great way to avoid talking about the topic. Still, avoiding to talk about it, doesn’t make the issue of Ethics in Marketing a non-issue. Ignoring the problem doesn’t solve the problem.
This is the same as saying that a doctor that speaks about healthcare will by default be a bad doctor.
In an often convoluted and polluted world of digital marketing providers, we feel that in fact, we must speak up about the ethics first principles as the foundation for doing proper marketing services.
Not speaking about values-based marketing is openly admitting that there’s no real care for the client. And that’s a dangerous proposition for the one paying the bill.
We choose to start our conversation with pointing out that what we do springs from our inner desire to help businesses grow.
A paid service must provide the maximum possible value. Just like a good doctor. When you visit a doctor, you expect a full solution. Not a half-solution, so you’d have to go back in for more of this and that, so you’d end up with a larger bill to pay.

How It All Started?

“Geek” is a close enough. “Guru” is spot-on.

WebMaxFormance is lead by Igor Mateski, who has a cat that he calls a “rat.” Beyond that, he grew up on an apple orchard, attended mechanical engineering school, holds a theology degree, reads a lot, and developed a thriving business in beautiful Ohrid, Macedonia. He is, by his own admission, a “User Intent Optimization nerd.”
WebMaxFormance started in Igor Mateski’s brain, way back in 2006. The vision was to create a webdev and marketing agency for mid-sized companies who want a finely tuned web presence for predictable, cost-effective business growth. This meant doing something guru-like.
According to StrengthsFinder, Igor is labeled as a Guru. So it’s not a self-proclaimed situation like you see most of the times. An actual personality assessment based on over 50 years of research brought back a clear, unequivocal single-word description: Guru. Only 1% of the people who ever took the test have this label.
Igor’s main 5 main strengths are what makes WMF special: Strategic (thinking of goals and figuring out how to get there), Input (avid reader of anything and everything for the sake of knowing more), Connectedness (the ability to connect seemingly completely unrelated issues and come up with inclusive conclusions), Analytical (ability to stare at huge chunks of data, and find patterns where others see noise) and Futuristic (ability to see and even feel the end result, before even the first step is taken).
Goal oriented, data driven, integrative, and most importantly, cost-effective. This is WMF in its DNA.

How It All Gets Done?

The strength of the company is not its leader. It’s the people.

The WebMaxFormance dream took bold steps into reality with every new team member. The challenge was to find skilled talent that will be able to deliver Think-Tank-level digital marketing solutions to top-tier leaders.
Igor already had extensive Web Marketing experience, but the company’s strengths come from individuals with specific skill sets ranging from webdev technical consulting and services, to lead generation consulting and services.

The team at WebMaxFormance was picked by Igor, based on his desire to hire for character first, and to train people into the skills they need. This is not to say that the team arrived at WMF without skills, but to say that character is emphasized as a priority among the crew. You can get a great person and train them into a world-class designer, developer, analyst, copywriter. It’s almost impossible to take a world-class expert, and teach them how to be a good, decent human being. This Character-First employment strategy is why the team is dedicated to the ethics first principles, and brings solid results every time.
Currently, Igor leads the WMF charge, but he is able to draw from a combination of individuals who work for him on different projects. Igor has also networked with “outside” expertise on issues outside of Web Marketing to offer improvements to clients on non-web issues.

How We Measure and Report?
We Allow Data To Speak. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.
Clients need reality, not spin. We fine tune and improve clients’ web presence based on real and measurable results, not fluff. WebMaxFormance is for C-Level leaders who need real company- and industry-level insight to fine-tune a firm’s web presence.
When the time comes to show what’s been done, we let the data speak. Everybody who’s ever done even very basic reporting based on data, knows that by changing the data range and perspective, you can force that data to say just about anything you want it to say. It will then take a savvy data-literate person to see through this half-truths and data-twisting and call the bluff.
Our approach in reporting is resting to the ethics first principles, even if that means telling a story that C-level managers may not want to hear.
But you cannot address issues if you don’t know they exist. Our reporting comes in a diagnostic and prescriptive form, so you know what’s wrong, and how to fix it.

Are We The Right Match?

We think you should have great digital marketer, even if it is not us!

Nothing is “a great fit” for everything.
Einstein was great for the world. He was terrible for his ex wife.
Oxygen is great for everything that lives. It’s cancer to iron.
Water is great for everything that lives. It’s death to fire.

Not everyone should hire us, because WMF wants to work with clients for whom we feel we really can offer VALUE. There are times when another consultancy company is a better match.
In the early stages of communication the eyeballing goes both ways. You may wonder if you want to work with us. But we also have the same questions for our prospects.
In many cases, we simply won’t be a good match because of (to list just a few):
Communication style (peer-level, respectful tone for us is a must),
Expected cooperation method (we’re a special task force aimed at marketing and we can’t do office politics or other half-honest behavior)
Unrealistic expectations (we won’t do work with sales-based compensation as we don’t control the sales process. We only do web optimization and leadgen)

But for those who are a match, you can expect a beautiful blend of artfully theoretical marketing and analytics-based reality. It’s a premium service for those who need a premium web presence.

Acid Test: Are We A Match?

If your blood pressure rises when you see clients taken advantage of by digital marketers, give us a shout.
If you shout, “Boom!” and cry after composing a seemingly vibrant landing page, we might be for you.
If you tried hiring experts but was proven wrong at the end of the fiscal year, we’re here for you.
If you got burned by cheap agencies that talk the talk and skip the walk, let’s talk.
If a nifty analytics chart is a thing of beauty to you, reach out to us.

The WMF Team exists in a “learning culture.” Some people whistle while they work. We learn while we work. From personality profiles to professionalism training, WebMaxFormance is either training or learning most of the time.

You can see Lake Ohrid from our office, and we would like to invite you to come for a visit if you are in the area!

Our Certificates

Analytics and data specialist
content marketing specialist
customer acquisition specialist
customer value optimization specialist
ecommerce marketing specialist
email marketing specialist
optimization and testing specialist
search marketing specialist
social and community manager
community management specialist
google ads search

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