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Building A Long-Lasting Relationship With Your Audience

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Do You Struggle To Write The Right Content To Engage & Convert Your Visitors Into Leads?

In a Search-Powered economy, websites that have strong and effective content marketing will win every time. Big companies are making heavy investments in content. They’re not doing this because they have too much money to burn. They do this because they’ve seen beyond a shadow of a doubt that properly executed Content Marketing makes huge sense.

But most of the brands that do Content Marketing really struggle to create valuable content that will bring website visitors on a consistent basis. They struggle even more to use Content Marketing to turn that organic traffic into leads. And almost every company will admit that when it comes to predictable leadgen activities, they still have room for improvement.

The new rule in the Digital Marketing world is to create highly-engaging, unique content that will out-rank your closely-related competitors and win-over the specific audience that is hungry for what you have to say… and even more importantly, for what you have to offer.

Each Time You Fail To Create Valuable Content, You Push Your Audience Closer To Your Competitors

The power of effective Content Marketing is massive. If done right, it gets the reader’s heart. It earns trust.

“Having valuable content actually serves as an entry ticket to your Sales Funnel.”

Just because your content creation team efforts are not living up to your expectations, it doesn’t mean that Content Marketing as a strategy doesn’t work.

Everybody can write a blog post. Not everybody can make content work and achieve repeatable, measurable, desirable business results.

This is why companies need content marketing experts to tell their brand story in a way that it will attract organic visitors, and move these visitors deeper into the conversion journey.

WebMaxFormance Delivers Valuable, Unique Content That Builds A Long-Lasting Relationship With Your Audience

With over 10 years of expertise, WebMaxFormance has been helping companies grow their business using our Content Marketing services.

With our experience and years spent working with different clients, we have developed a data-driven Content Marketing methodology that we customize for each client.

Creating valuable, engaging, high-quality and unique content is just one of our specialties!

Here’s What Our Content Marketing Services Include:

  • Competition Analysis – ‘Privileged Advantage’ Over Your Competitors

We will analyze your competitors and determine their strengths in great details, and advise you to make the right strategic moves. This analysis will help us make a clear Content Marketing strategy that fits specifically your core goals. Sometimes, the core goal will be to go into a head-on collision with a specific competitor. Sometimes, it will be a more guerrilla approach. Sometimes, clients will say “This is our budget, get us the best bang for the buck for the next 12 months.”

  • Keyword Research and Mapping for Ranking and Conversion

We will make extensive keyword research for different stages of the conversion journey of your audience. We will take the reader from a tire kicker mode of thinking to a recognized brand evangelist. For the key phrases, we divide up the customers’ journey through several conversion stages, and then, we built content for each of the conversion stages for each selected keyword. Each keyword represents its own content cluster where people are taken from one article to the next, where the journey progresses from a web visitor to a client eager to buy what you have to offer.

  • Content Audit  – Strengthening Your Existing Assets

We will do an extensive audit of your current content to see how well it matches the Ranking and Conversion keyword maps. If necessary, we will rewrite it or restructure it.

  • Blog Content Creation – Driving Tangible Results

Using tried and tested Content Marketing strategies we create content on an ongoing basis, covering different focal points of the Ranking and Conversion maps. This way we ensure a steady growth of new traffic that is interested in what you have to offer.

  • Content Promotion – We Are Not Done Yet!

We don’t stop once the content is done. Once the content is crafted, we do reliable off-site promotional activities that get your content in front of the right kind of audience. We use custom-built, proprietary technology to scale this and get you quick and tangible promotional results.

  • Content Measurement And Performance

We will closely analyze and measure the performance of the content that we create for you. Based on how your audience interacts with the content, we finetune our efforts and get better results each cycle.

Get New Visitors And Turn Them Into Leads With Our

Content Marketing Strategy

Thanks to our Content Marketing services, we will keep your audience focused on you as a business. With will create content to gain the trust of your audience, so that they can move further along in the conversion journey in an unimpeded manner.

With our data-driven Content Marketing strategy, we:

  • Amplify your brand exposure, build more audience, and get more fans
  • Attract an audience, gain trust, and create value.
  • Reach new, untapped market segments.
  • Increase both organic and referral traffic.
  • Rank higher in search result pages.
  • Drive more conversions… and sales.

Let Us Create Engaging, Unique Content, And Guide Your Visitors Into Becoming Customers

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