Ground Zero - Introduction To WordPress

What is WordPress and why you should care? How it works and what are the requirements?
Learn the easy way for configuring the WordPress installation and setting up your membership site.

Let’s introduce you to WordPress!

If you are already doing Internet Marketing, you may already have some basic understanding of WordPress. However, if you don’t know what WordPress is, don’t worry! We will explain all the basics here. Also we will show you how WebMaxFormance Academy can provide the most comprehensive training in this powerful website-building tool that you can utilize today for your business.

Let’s start.

Simply put, WordPress is web-based software that can be used to build websites and blogs. WordPress was released in 2003, and today it is one of the most popular publishing platforms with over 70 million websites created.

Many people dismiss working with WordPress because they think it’s simply a simple blogging tool. But it is actually a highly flexible Content Management System (CMS) with an abundance of functions in the form of “plugins.”

The beauty is that WordPress is FREE. It is an open source project with many FREE plugins, themes, and widgets. Additionally, there is an offering of many more PREMIUM advanced plugins and themes. The WordPress community is constantly evolving making it possible to create a modern and highly-functional website to your liking within a short time.

How Does WordPress Work?

how does wordpress workA WordPress user does NOT have to learn the HTML coding language! Perhaps you know that simple websites are built in the HTML – a programming language that uses many instructions (tags) for formatting pictures, paragraphs, and other elements of a website. These HTML instructions are then rendered by the browser to get the visual look and feel that we actually see on a website.

Building a website using just HTML is simply not enough in today’s markets. In using HTML, the site builder is limited in many ways, and the big G (Google) will rank your site (for web searches) very poorly.

Now consider the benefits of WordPress.

The WordPress platform can be installed on a website host in just a few minutes (this course explains how to do that), and you’ll be able to start working immediately to create a dynamic website with many flexible elements which will “rank” much faster in Google.

Requirements For Using WordPress?

WP is built on industry standard PHP (5.2.4+) and MySQL (5.0+) so it can run on just every modern server. If you have purchased hosting from one of our recommended providers, you should be fine.

“How Does This Affect Me?”

  • WordPress is FREE (for commercial and private use).
  • There are thousands of WP developers around the world, and the support for the platform is extraordinary. You can get help from the in the WP community if there are issues that Webmaxformance Academy does not address (although, we would be honored to address your questions). The point is, you are not alone. The WP community works together, and it is growing.
  • The design is very intuitive, and WordPress is user-friendly. The point is, you won’t have to contact the webmaster or the designer who built your site for every small change. You will be able to edit your site easily for yourself. This is one of the primary reasons behind our Academy: that you are equipped and able to stop depending on your webmaster or designer.
  • You don’t need to learn HTML. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you are good to go.
  • WordPress is flexible and extensible. We’ve already mentioned that there are many free and many premium plugins that can help through the expanse of design needs. You can change the entire look and feel or add some new advanced features on your site just with minimal effort.
  • Search engines love it. WordPress is Search Engine Optimization-friendly (SEO-friendly), and its fully compliant with W3C standards. We expect that you should be able to “rank” your site in search results in a matter of days (we provide a plug-in recommendation for SEO optimization, and this Academy can walk you through it).

Q: How Can I Build an Online Presence With WordPress?

A: Follow through our Academy! We have provided the tools, ideas, and shortcuts that can help bring you to the TOP of the ladder.

We’ve put a lot of work on this product; a lot of research, testing and some sleepless nights. We’ve tested the principles in this Academy over and over again on our clients’ sites. These techniques have not disappointed us, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed either.

We hope to see you in the next lesson!

To your success,
Academy WebMaxFormance



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