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Many of today’s businesses rely on Paid Marketing. And that should not come as a surprise. Advertising has been with us forever.

However, there are many things influencing the world of Paid Ads routes such as Google PPC. Too many factors. Too many metrics. Too much competition…

We’ve found (and helped) companies who used to spend thousands of dollars per month, for years on end, on ad campaigns that brought in very few leads, or the wrong leads altogether.

Imagine how you could do better in business if you were a business that was spending 60% of your PPC budget on the wrong ads. And then we come in, tell you how to stop wasting that money, and redirect it to other ad campaigns. This is exactly what happened for a company that serves Mechanical Engineering companies throughout North America.

But let’s get back to the point of PPC and Your Business.

Is your PPC Effort As Effective as Chasing Rainbows

Even if you know the general principles of Paid Marketing, it is the details that could kill your PPC efforts.

You gather a team. You tell them your end-goals. You expect results. Real ones.

You are investing in this team, in those ads. The time is ticking. Google is taking up all your assigned daily budget. At the end of the month, you’re a few thousand dollars short, and nothing to show for.

You start wondering:

  • Are competitors outbidding us on important phrases?
  • Did we do a good job with the landing page?
  • Did we choose the right keywords?
  • Did we target the right audience?
  • Are the ad texts good enough?
  • How could this happen to us?

It is unfortunate that intense retrospection does not affect outcomes.

Your team may choose to use A/B testing in order to select the right image or headline for the landing page, but if they focus on the wrong KPIs, the testing is useless.

If you’re lucky, your team may be even asking the right questions.

They may be on the right diagnostic track.

But you don’t need a diagnosis.

You need prescriptions.

You need a way for the team to turn marketing dollars into useful leads.

Zooming Out: It’s not just Google. You have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Ads too. Where Do You Spend & Where You Walk Away?

Back in the olden days (say 10 years ago), it was easy: The one with the largest budget wins the Paid Ads game.

Not anymore. Social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, are so good at targeting just the right people with your ads, that if you don’t know who you’re talking to… all the money in the world won’t make your business grow.

Don’t get us wrong. If you have hundreds of thousands to burn through every month, you will get results. The question is, will the benefits outweigh the cost?

And then, even if you get the targeting right… what do you do after you get the prospect’s attention? Speaking to the same individual when they’re on Google will not be the same as the message you pitch them with on Facebook. Or on LinkedIn.

Think about it. If you meet one prospect in a shopping mall, you’ll address them more directly, since they’re in a mall.

If you find that same person in a cafe sipping their coffee, you’ll have to address them differently.

And further still, that same person suited up in an office building will require a completely different approach.

That’s your Google, Facebook, and Linkedin in a nutshell. Same person, different locations, different messaging.

Not easy!

This is why most companies just get a team of experts to handle PPC. It’s just way too complex and requires so many different bases to cover, that a mid-level company will find it cost-prohibitive to have these people on staff.

Paid Ads & Guesswork Is A Cash-Burning Activity.
Here’s How PPC can Make ROI

Companies that are well established and on a good growth trajectory need to focus on core competencies. This is why entire new industries rose up in the past 10 years. It’s too expensive to keep in-house staff for non-core issues like IT, Support, Marketing. The competition is too strong for a growth-oriented company to want to keep everything in-house.

Each year, billions of dollars are getting wasted on the wrong Paid Ads activities and are internally masked as “testing.” While mid-sized companies who want to keep things in-house burn their R&D cash, industry challengers, and disruptors pass by undetected and end up being the David that kills of Goliath because Goliath wants to be the Jack of All Trades.

This is why, after several trials and error quarters, and enough cash burned through, mid-size companies reach out for companies like WebMasFormance.

You can be serving your first client within hours from starting a good paid advertising campaign, whether that campaign is Google, a PPC campaign or through Facebook or LinkedIn ads.

We at WebMaxFormance build campaigns using rigorous analytics, research and audits before we let Google or Facebook bill you a single dime. This is why our campaigns achieve excellent results.

Here are a few examples of previous achievements:

  • Reducing Cost per Lead from $1800 to $127 in 6 months
  • 500% improved leadgen for the same budget in 3 months
  • 60% savings on PPC with one-time PPC audit

If you’re interested in similar results, give us a call.

WebMaxFormance delivers a turn-key service:

  • Keyword research
  • Ads creation
  • Budget optimization
  • Landing page builds and
  • Ongoing PPC funs optimization

We provide credible results using our ten years of marketing experience.

We never settle for finished, we strive towards exceptionally done.

There’s always at least one more step closer to perfection.

We may not be the cheapest.

But when we think about your ROI, we aim to be among the very best.

Quit wasting your time and money on the wrong ads, and the wrong messaging.

Get Our Paid Marketing Service Today.

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