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Fine-Tuned. Cost-Effective. Tailor-Made.

Your customers can be just one click away from finding out all the necessary
information about your products or services. One click away from being absolutely stunned by what you can offer.

web design and development

But these clients can be light years away from you if your website fails to communicate with the audience properly.

Your website only has a few seconds to grab the visitor’s attention, and to communicate:

  • WHO the website represents,
  • WHAT the client can do on the site, and
  • WHY they should do anything on this site, instead of going off to a competitor’s site.

Not all businesses are aiming for the stars with their web presence. Some of them are only shooting, hoping to hit…somewhere.If your website is not clearly answering these key questions, getting people to become clients is as difficult as threading a needle, blindfolded, while sitting on a washing machine, as it tumbles down through a burning forest.If it wasn’t scary, it would be hilarious.But, it is possible to develop a memorable web presence that tells the story of your company. You just need to have the right team for the job.

Does Your Current Website Really Tell Your Story?

Successful companies usually aim to have a solid team of web developers, and marketers focused on delivering the “brand” with the customer in mind.

But, how well is the team telling the story of Your brand, in the way that You want it to be told? Is the team simply focused on getting the job done, instead of being focused on getting it right?

It will be very difficult to tell your story if someone is haphazardly slapping your website together, just to get it done.
The site will work… but it won’t Tell your story.

And sometimes, there are too many cooks in the kitchen, adding all sorts of design and functionality features without a clear focus.
The site will work… but it won’t Sell your story.

Many factors affect your website and development, and sometimes you need someone to help. And, that’s OK!

How Good Is Your Site At Branding and User Experience?

Just for clarity’s sake, let’s just define these two terms quickly:

  • Branding – Derived from the ranching days where someone can look at your site and immediately say, “Hey, that’s your cash cow!”
    User Experience – as in, how easy is it for users to find what they need on your site. Is it simple-as-pie, or do they have to solve calculus equations to purchase from you?
  • An average team of web designers will create an average user experience and an average branding. And guess how memorable and exciting it is to see something that’s…well, average?

Bad web design leads to plenty of confused prospects.
Plenty of confused prospects means zero sales.
Simple. Painful.
You literally can’t afford to be average online nowadays.

What’s the right technology for your website?

Most of the web design and development agencies out there have their own platform-of-choice, for building websites. And they expect that you adjust your business to fit their platform of choice.
But here, you have to ask the question: Why do we bend and squeeze the project to fit the tools at hand? Shouldn’t you pick the right tools for the job instead?
When building a website, you want your web development team to set you up with the right platform that fits your business best. It can cost you down the road if you are on the wrong platform.

In some cases, WordPress is the perfect solution. In others, it’s the worst option. Same goes for Drupal. Same goes for custom-coded solutions. Individuals who do web design will swear in WordPress because that’s the platform they can work with. Teams with some years of experience will push for Drupal because they make more money like that. Larger teams will sell you on a custom solution because they lock you in for good for upgrades and support.

Proper client-focused web design and development agencies will be able to do all but recommend the solution that’s right for you.

You’ll want the web development team to offer the most cost-effective solution that will help your website be:

  • Easy (cheap) to maintain, as you don’t want the website to be a resource hog.,
  • Flexible, so you can easily adjust course with design, content, features
  • Scalable, so your site can follow the business growth, not thwart it
  • Secured against hackers and prying eyes
  • Reliable, so it does its job well.

But how can you know all this? Between running the business, handling client work, managing the team, juggling family responsibilities… there’s hardly any time left for you to bother about which is better, WordPress or Drupal.

The simple answer is: It depends on what you need. A reliable web design and development team will evaluate your website needs, and provide you with advice and guidance, so that you can make the right decision for you.

The Solution: Cost-Effective, Fine-Tuned, Tailor-Made Web Design Services. By Experts

Have you ever tried drawing a map for someone and explaining to them how to get to an unfamiliar place? It is hard to do it!

Properly designing a website is similar, and difficult, because your website will have to guide your prospects on a conversion journey that turns newcomers into return clients.

Building such a website requires a team of professionals. You have to be focused.


On so many levels.

WebMaxFormance draws on years of experience to build a site that can focus on one story for your brand.

Does your current Web Design really tell the story of… you?

A user interface, graphics, branding, web technologies… all these are different components to take people to and through your website. But getting those to work together, and for your strategic purposes, can become a convoluted and frustrating process.

Too many cooks in the kitchen.

Too many people trying to give directions.

Too much “stuff” on the website.

Cheap ingredients that don’t really represent you or guide how potential clients can engage you.

We can solve this. We can mix together the right ingredients.WebMaxFormance takes our clients on a design journey that starts with your client and ends with you.

Do you know:

  • What is your client persona?
  • What are the problems they are facing that you can solve?
  • What do you sell, and to whom do you sell it?
  • What is YOUR brand persona?

Stop wasting time, energy, and money on average web design and development.

Average isn’t noticeable.
Average isn’t memorable.
Average isn’t effective.
Average doesn’t bring solid web presence.

Exceptional does!

What you need is:

  • An exceptional team of professionals.
  • A team who has years of experience.
  • A team who will go the extra mile to thoroughly understand YOUR mission, YOUR vision, YOUR end goal.

You need a team that isn’t making hollow promises. You need a team that DELIVERS.

How Does A Proper Web Design Process Look Like?


Webmaxformance can do the work through a process to deliver solid, web design for you:

  • We do competition analyses to evaluate your competitors brand presence.
  • We recommend multiple color skins to pick from that speak value to clients.
  • We can build multiple mockups for you to pick.
  • We complete website design for all the key pages: Home, About, Contact Page, Services, Category, View, Blogs, etc.
  • We map out functionalities of your website and recommend a platform of choice for you.
  • After the designs are approved, we move on to the actual build of the website.

All designs are made to represent your brand as best as possible for your target audience so that you deliver to your clients a cohesive and navigable online brand presence.

We use open-source technologies to quickly provide you with the web presence that is not going to break your budget. This cost-consciousness can be maintained during the build stage and throughout the lifetime of your website.

Here are some other key aspects of our process:

We make sure that your website build is flexible enough so that it can adjust to your company needs over time in a cost-efficient way.

  • We also make sure that the site build is stable, so that it can withstand traffic spikes without the website bogging down or the server crashing.
  • Security is a key concern for us, and we work to make sure that the website is defended against various malicious attacks from hackers or from your competition.
  • To offer cost-effective solutions, we use WordPress for a simpler website and Drupal for websites that are more complex. The key factors in deciding which technology to use are 1) how to meet your website needs and 2) how to provide you the cost-effective solutions using an open source platform.

We also provide Web Application Development using MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Our platforms of choice are Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Vue.js.

For past clients, we have built:

  • Custom e-Commerce sites,
  • Corporate Websites,
  • Membership websites,
  • SaaS Platforms.

We have covered industries such as:

  • Marketing automation platforms,
  • Content production and analysis platforms,
  • Online learning systems,
  • E-commerce systems.

We use an agile development methodology, and we provide end-to-end service that goes from concept to a ready-made product.

WebMaxFormance can help you design a ‘look’ that guides your prospects toward your company. We’re here to help. We’re here to deliver.

What Story Will Your Brand Tell If You Use Our Services?

Thanks to our skillful, experienced team, the build of your Website will achieve your goals.

We aim to serve by:

  • Addressing website speed and security issues during the creation process.
  • Choosing an easy-to-use platform suitable for your business needs.
  • Choosing cost-effective web technologies for worry-free ownership.
  • Designing a flexible website that will help your business to grow.
  • Creating unique, easily understandable, and effective UX.
  • Providing technical back-up after the website goes live.
  • Delivering…results.  

Don’t waste your time with web solutions that don’t provide real results.

Use services that are cost-effective,

That will provide the security you need,

That will create a navigable and memorable customer experience.

That will tell your story.


We invite you to reach out, and see how Webmaxformance might serve you today!

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