Outsourced To Us: Building A Gold Trading Website, Sales Funnel Design, Integrating With ClickBank


We were approached by Grant, a marketing consultant from London who had a client that needs an e-commerce website that works as a sales site and as a lead generating a website for investments consulting. The consultant wanted the technical side of things handled while he wrote all the texts and advised on how the pages should be linked together to create the needed sales funnels.

In several phone conversations with the consultant, we agreed that the site should use Clickbank as a payment/sales processor in order to avoid all the headaches created by the mindless law of digital VAT cooked up by our beloved EU leaders. The EU VAT regulation was such a headache for the client that he almost backed out from the project. But as we make it our business to know these things, we advised the consultant and provided him with enough information so that Grant’s client can make an informed decision and stick with Clickbank.

We’ve designed the Homepage, which also serves as the initial page of the sales funnel, and built all the consecutive funnel pages. With the provided text, we worked on selecting graphics and set up the layout of the pages. After the designs were checked and tweaked as the consultant and client wanted, we set up the Clickbank integration so that the site can function as a fully functional sales and lead generating a website.

In the meantime, Grant reached out on several occasions for other projects and we have set up a partnership deal where the consultant can use us as his own development/design team and also gets premium pricing so that he can provide excellent web development services at acceptable prices. We love working with great guys like Grant, and we’re ready to go the extra mile in making things work for the end client.

by | May 15, 2015