BespokeHomeDesign: Building A WordPress Membership Website For Home Improvement Enthusiasts

by | May 15, 2015

building a weorpress website for home enthusiast

Declan is a straight-up decent guy who knows his stuff. He’s been in the home improvement business for a while and made quite a few Londoners very pleased with the level of craftsmanship.

He contacted us with a simple request: Build me a WordPress membership website for home improvement enthusiasts who’ll rule the net in the London area. Kinda like forging the ring to rule them all. A task for a special sort of folks 🙂

We had several emails and skype conversations with Declan to understand where he’s coming from and what’s his goal with the website. We then discussed several wireframe Homepage designs. After the design was approved we set up the website on his hosting account and started building the Homepage and did the needed customizations to the Genesis theme he picked.

Within a couple of weeks, as Declan’s schedule allowed, we went through several iterations of the design until Declan was happy with it. We also built the needed corporate pages (About, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Contact Us etc). We also set up some security and speed settings as a gift to Declan.

Then we started discussing Stage 2, which was setting up the membership section, building the video tutorial pages and creating various designs for the Index pages for various membership levels. The site uses the Memberium membership plugin integrated with Paypal and Infusionsoft.

We’ve set things up and handed over the site to Declan to populate it with content. We also set him up with several video tutorials on how to use the page builder plugin, and we’re always available for support via email and Skype.

by | May 15, 2015

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