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by | Jul 18, 2013

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Client: High Tone Auto Body Inc.

Project requirements: Website development, Brand development, SEO, Copywriting

URL address: https://www.hightoneautobody.us

Project description: High Tone Auto Body Inc. is a car repair shop based in Basalt, Colorado.

The owners of High Tone Auto Body Inc. asked for a complete re-branding that included a new website, new logo design, new business card, and brochure design. They wanted a new and presentable website to replace the old one that was barely functional. The idea was to establish an online presence so that their service of car repair and car cosmetics can be recognizable and at the top listing on Google search and other engines for certain keywords.

We achieved that with SEO and ongoing copywriting.

This project also included a new logo, business card, and brochure design. The logo represents a brand. That is why it is important to have a good, simple and recognizable logo, that is easily memorable and that speaks for itself. The old HTAB logo didn’t have these qualities so we had to make a completely new logo design.

The only thing we used from the old logo was colors (except for the green). The new logo now represents the service in a proper way, at a first glance it is clear that the service belongs in the car industry.

A business card makes a great first impression or a bad one. We made a simple design, representing each department with its own color and implementing the QR code for driving directions.

The old brochure was outdated and as a marketing and sales tools were not doing the justice to the service. We made a completely new and modern design. The clients had only one requirement: to somehow integrate the famous Maroon Bells mountain with the design, which we put as a background in the inner page.

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by | Jul 18, 2013

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