Limitless ADHD Coaching: Web Design, Web Development, Copywriting, Content Marketing

by | Jul 18, 2013

web design for a client

Client: Kristofer Milhauser from Limitless ADHD Coaching

Project requirements: Web design and Development, Copywriting and Content Marketing

URL address:

Project description: A certified ADHD coach Kristofer Milhauser asked us to design a website for him that will look both personal and business-like since he wants to use the website to offer his coaching services and run an informative blog about ADHD disorder. His only requirement concerning the design was to have a big slider like the image on the Homepage.

We used orange and gray color to give the website a professional and fresh look. On the big slider like area, we put Chris’ photo and added a short text that says what’s the website about and another one to shortly describe who is Chris. Under the image is a heading 1 phrase in orange color to be immediately visible as a person enters the website.

We also added blocks of text with Read More links that point to internal pages to help visitors understand what the site is about, and what they can find by browsing through the site. The Homepage is basically designed to match a soft, concierge type of navigation assistance to visitors. There are no heavy graphics or aggressive sales pitch elements.  As the site is targeting people (and their friends/family) that deal with ADHD so having a soothing atmosphere on the site is important.

 a web design for a adhd client

by | Jul 18, 2013

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