homepage redesign with woocommerce custom coding

GetKombucha.com: Homepage Redesign, WooCommerce Custom Coding, Facebook Tracking Pixels


GetKombucha.com is a website owned by one of the most enthusiastic, energetic, fun-to-work-with guys. Dave came to us with a request to take up work on his website after several not-so-pleasant experiences with several other web development companies from the USA. While Dave’s a great guy he was unhappy with how he was treated by other developers, and how they left him hanging with a semi-functional websites.

As this was a WordPress site with a heavily customized theme, we couldn’t do an automatic update of the theme since we had no documentation of what the previous developers changed. So, first, we did a manual update of the theme (yeah, there is such a thing… don’t try this at home).

After the theme was set we moved on to rework the homepage and edit the CSS so that it was cross-browser compatible and mobile-ready. Getting things right was a nightmare but we stuck at it and got the job done within a week.

Next step was taking the outdated WooCommerce heavily-customized e-commerce plugin and make it work as Dave wanted. As Dave is a solid marketer he understands the principles of One-Time-Offers, Upsells, Cross-sells and customized Thank You pages. Hardly any plugin offers all these functions out-of-the-box so the previous developer started work but gave up half-way. So we finished the needed WooCommerce plugin customization and thoroughly tested it.

A few weeks after that, Dave wrote on his Facebook that he’s ecstatic that he got the first client that took the basic offer and also took the upsell offer. It was a proof of concept and evidence that the system works. Now he’s letting the world know how great Kombucha tea is, and he’s quite enthusiastic and shares his great experience of working with us. Next thing is to get some Kombucha tea with Dave and talk about sales funnels. Dave’s a great guy!

by | May 15, 2015