building a website with drupal

Outsourced To Us: Building A High-Ticket Drupal Website Network For A High-Ticket Client


This project came as an outsourced work from a marketing agency from the USA who works with big-ticket clients. The client’s requirements were quite strict and they insisted on using Drupal. The owner of the agency is a personal friend of Igor (the owner of Webmaxformance) and that is how we got to do this work.

Now, while most web development companies stick to easy-to-use platforms like WordPress, we support other, more technical platforms like Drupal. This is a very robust platform, extremely fast, flexible and very few people use it. Most opt for simpler ones.

The project was handled on a SCRUM project management methodology with strictly defined sprints and tasks. It included theming a skin based on a provided PSD file, building the three sites and connecting each other as a website network that is used for regional health-related industry.

The entire work was scheduled to be completed in 6 weeks, however, the client sent some other requirements and we accommodated the development time to 8 weeks of hard work.

The client was happy with the site, which was built as specified, within the given timeframe.

by | May 15, 2015