Do I Really Need Social Media Marketing: How To Grow Your Business With Social Media

by | Jan 17, 2013

how to grow your business with social media marketing

There’s an enormous hype among business users for using the Internet to grow their local business, and many hard working business owners deal with questions like:

  • Should I own a website?
  • Should I run a Social Media Marketing campaign?
  • Do I really need new content to get visitors on my site?

To help you answer them, here is a short run-down through the benefits of adopting Social Media Marketing for your business.

Advantages Your Business Can Get From Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing will be the best of the best in online marketing at least for the next 5-10 years, and will constantly evolve and improve. More and more internet users will join the social sphere and almost every single one of them is going to have their personal profile on the top 10 social media websites. Combined, these Top 10 social sites have over 2 billion personal profiles (and counting).

Do you think your business could find a way to benefit from these 2 billion social profiles?

Promoting Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Promoting your business online with the power of Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. means promoting your business to millions of potential clients. Also, your happy clients can spread the word with a single mouse click on their social profiles.

With smart Social Media Marketing, your clients become your best brand evangelists, taking the good word for your company to people who don’t even know you exist but would likely use your services.

That is why it is very important for your business to start using the power of Social Media Marketing.

advantages of social media marketing

Who Will Be Your Potential Customers

Your potential customer can be any person out there in the world who has internet and has a personal profile on one of the well known Social Media Web Sites like the ones mentioned above. Can you even imagine how many customers are we really talking about? Social media encompasses the entire world,(about 2 billion personal profiles and will soon be used by everyone at least a few times a day).  By using Social Media Marketing, you are taking your business to where people hang out and are in a generally positive mood?

Cream Of The Crop Social Media Marketing Websites

  1. Facebook has hit an amazing 1 billion user mark which makes it the number 1 Social Media Web site in the world.
  2. Twitter 500 million users
  3. Google+ 400 million users
  4. LinkedIn 200 million users
  5. Pinterest 25 million users making it the fastest growing network ever (1000% monthly growth), making it a Marketing goldmine in 2013.

Why Hire A Professional

So why should you hire a professional instead of going to the dozens of social websites yourself every day?

A social media marketer is essentially the eyes, ears, and voice of your company online. That means you need someone who can create brand awareness, deliver traffic to your website (u don’t have a web site?), and boost your business growth, all while keeping your company’s reputation spotless.

So, for business owners to remain competitive in today’s changing world, they must constantly fine-tune their marketing efforts.

Social Networks are free and appear easy to use and can level the playing field for business. However, Social Media Marketing is a serious tool and requires a carefully constructed strategy and a professional marketer, who understands and can effectively, use the social sites.

Start using Social Media to your advantage.  If you don’t, businesses that do will continue to have the advantage over you and you will miss out on plenty of opportunities to get new clients and grow your business. Let a professional run your Social Media Marketing so you can focus on running your business.

by | Jan 17, 2013

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