Copywriting Services For eNovex An IT Company From Belgium

by | Feb 9, 2012

copywriting service for a client

e-novex is an IT company from Belgium that developed an “Online data capture platform to collect clinical trial data and to generate custom reports.”

We were asked to make an interactive User’s Manual (almost identical to the one used by Adobe) that doctors and other medical practitioners can use in day to day use of the e-novex software.

The work included technical copywriting that explained the User Interface to the smallest detail, with screenshots where necessary. The manual also had a section of scenarios that practitioners could use when creating new patients, generating specific reports for individual patients, or for entire groups.

The project was quite demanding as it this kind of software is limited to a tight niche, and very few people ever run into it. So we had to take the time to first study the software, see how it functions, learn how to move around it, learn how the software manages and displays data and so on.

Then, we needed to set some Usability standards. We needed to decide what needs to be in the User’s Manual, how the interactive document will be organized, how the information will be presented so that medical practitioners can easily navigate through the material.

Of course, we needed to decide where to use images, and where to rely only on good step-by-step descriptions of how to make various operations such as insert a new patient, close a patient’s file, generate reports and so on.

The development stage followed this Usability stage, and this was basically fleshing out the already prepared skeleton of the interactive help file. Our technical copywriting services covered several major sections such as:

  • A short introduction to the software
  • Introduction to the User Interface
  • A detailed explanation of how each of User Interface tools works
  • Step-by-step illustrated guides for the most common activities done in the software
  • A short Q&A section

The end result was a well written and easy to use interactive help file that covered a wide basis and offered enough information so that practitioners can easily finish any task needed. The timeframe was set to three weeks, and we were a few days early-something we try to achieve in every project.

We continued our cooperation with e-novex when they requested a design for a folder indented as marketing material for a local IT fair.

by | Feb 9, 2012

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