content marketing service for a client

Web Design, Logo Design, Technical Copywriting And Production Services For IT Certification Materials


Synergy4IT was a UK-based IT startup company that aimed at providing training test simulators for IT certificates such as CompTIA A+, Network+, CCNA, MCSE, the Adobe CS pack, Prince, ITIL etc.
content marketing service for a client

Our work for them started as technical copywriting services for the CompTIA and Adobe certificates, but very quickly after, we were the outsourced Development studio for Synergy4IT. Our services extend to training other technical writers, plagiarism checkups, quality control, and also creating the actual products, complete with test results measuring, extensive explanations for each question, the installer, and anti-piracy built-in mechanisms.

Then we were asked to create a corporate logo and to design the website. Since the owner had a development team working on the site, our job was to provide the PSD file.

We also worked on creating an Online Marketing Strategy, predominantly revolving around the concept of Content Marketing and Social Media. The reason why we suggested Content Marketing is because people interested in IT certifications and training simulators want to learn and aren’t afraid of heavy reading materials. So the plan was to create web-friendly content that will attract new clients and move them through the sales funnel so that from visitors they become clients.

This seemed like very good cooperation, but then the recession hit back in 2008 and took down the business before it saw the light of day. The failure to launch was predominantly thanks to the India-based development company that never produced the e-commerce website.

by | Feb 2, 2012