The Best Ever SEO Strategy: Cook Up A Solid Content Development Strategy

by | Jun 8, 2012

how to create a good content development strategy

I recently sent an email (in a response to an online discussion) explaining what I think to be The Most Important on-site SEO strategy: Content Development, so instead of reworking a perfectly personable email, here it is, for your eyes too.


Hi Aaron,

I’ve gone through the discussion on your question, and it’s an already seen thing: egos flaring up from the old dogs in SEO, making it rocket science only to scare off fresh ideas into the industry. So, I’ve decided to give you a personal note and avoid debates that only waste time and achieve nothing.

On-site SEO boils down to Content Marketing, i.e smart content development strategy.

You’ll need to create a keyword list divided into several categories:

  • Primary keyphrases
  • Secondary keyphrases
  • Tertiary keyphrases

where primary phrases are highly competitive, and tertiary are the least competitive.

Then, you’ll need to divide these words by goals:

  • Informational keyphrases
  • Convincing keyphrases
  • Assertive keyphrases

This is so you can:

  • Create content that is informative;
  • Content that is geared to convince people to use your services instead of your competitors; and
  • Assertive texts that will solidify your clients’ loyalty.

The bottom line is that you need an analytical person who knows his/her way with words. In a nutshell, a person that can do the math and do the art in the same time.

SEO today is mainly about effective communication. It took us a while to get here, but now that Google values quality and originality, there’s no easy way to get noticed. With a well-prepared Content Development Strategy, your site will get noticed by search engines, but more importantly, it will have the capacity of converting those visitors into clients.

Ultimately, it’s not about ranking high in search engines. It’s about making more money with your business. I’ve had SEO pros stone me to death for this idea… but they ignore the fact that the world is moving away from Search onto Social, where satisfied visitors of your site bring in more visitors.

The sad thing is that very few people realize the importance of a good content development strategy, and even fewer of them actually do it. But, for those of us who practice psychologically and statistically sound content development, the dividends definitely make it worth our while.

I haven’t had too many clients. I don’t have to. I created several “text funnels” back in 2008, they do the info-convince-assure steps for my clients, and been making money for me ever since. That’s the value of smart writing.

Times have changed, and playing SEO tricks doesn’t work any more. Search engines have grown smart, and people have grown less patient. Pleasing them both with your web content is now more an art than science.

Hope this helps you think outside the box that so many SEO pros tend to think. Feel free to write back with some comments/questions, I’ll be glad to help you out.


There, hope this email will help you as well, to see things from a different perspective, one that focuses on quality and people, rather than tricks and search engines.

If you have any comments, please feel free to write. And don’t forget to share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

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by | Jun 8, 2012


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