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Localization Of A Technical Book: AutoCad 2010 And AutoCad LT by George Omura


This was another localization/translation project of a technical book: AutoCad 2010 and AutoCad LT2010 by George Omura.

The book is published and sold by, a Croatian ecommerce website for IT literature.

This was a two-person project. One of them (my wife) was a native Croatian with translation experience but no technical knowledge of Autocad, and the other one, me, having learned AutoCad during my mechanical engineering days. We both worked on the translation, and then switched manuscripts, where my wife audited my Croatian, and I audited her manuscript for technical correctness.

This was a unique experience, and a great showcase that married couples CAN work together on a rather lengthy project… and live to tell about it.

by | Feb 9, 2012