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by | Feb 9, 2012

copywriting and web development services for a client

John Russo is another returning customer, this time asking for a complete business development pack. His idea was to join a MLM organization and work with bullion silver and gold collectable coins.

As the requirement was to make a full business out of the idea, we started with some market research, to probe competitor sites, and find out more about the target audience. Then we sat down and created the Ideal Client Persona, and based on it, created the Business Persona of the website.

Then, we designed the logo, the website, an eye-catching illustration, and populated the website with SEO copywriting. We also set up the site with on-site SEO best practices, and started training and brainstorming with John for ways to advertize the website.

This was the first finances-related project we worked on, so it was both a challenge and enjoyment as we love to learn new things of how the world works, and how it should work.

We also had tons of skype consultations with John, mostly about the factual money-making potential of coins collecting idea in a time when financial institutions fall apart, revealing many shady deals done behind closed doors.

The result was a mutual conclusion that although coins can be a good money maker, at this messy time, it is not the ideal business route for John, as he had other much, much more cashable skills. A few months later, John decided to redirect his funds, and our time into developing a website for a car customization/autobody repair shop down in Fort Myers, Florida. Look him up if you’re in town. His shop is on Palm Beach Blvd. just across the Oasis Yacht Club.

Proof of concept: Take care of your clients’ financial well-being and be aware of their success. They’ll love you for that.

by | Feb 9, 2012

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