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Is Your Website Limited By The Search Engine Visibility When It Comes To Your Content And Technical Setup?

Do you aim to increase your traffic and rankings while getting more leads, sales, and brand awareness?

There are billions of active websites out there and it is harder than ever to make a name and stand out from the crowd. And even you are very successful business and have bunch of fans and clients thanks to traditional marketing, in the digital marketing world it is much more difficult to reach a target audience and increase your ranking since the competition is huge.

The rules that work in digital are different than those working in traditional marketing. Digital is not about which website looks better or has a better design, just like a good packaging works in traditional marketing.

It’s not the look that applies in the digital marketing. It is much beyond that and it is called SEO.

Having a proper SEO can help you stand out from your competition, rank you higher on search engines and increase your sales.

And, if you don’t know how to do it properly, or if your marketing team doesn’t succeed at delivering it to you, then you are stuck on the search engines and you are far behind your competitors.

While You Sink Deeper On Google, Your Competitors Swim In Organic SEO-Driven Traffic

You’ve heard of SEO and you hired a team of experts to use its advantages. Then, they tried implementing it in your marketing strategy but it didn’t work. You are still stuck on page 10 on Google far behind your competitors. And while you are trying to get noticed and you barely succeed at that, they have millions of visitors and lots of leads and traffic on their websites.

Having a good SEO is what your company really needs to get in front of your competitors and there is always a way out. WebMaxFormance can help you be in the swim of digital marketing by leading you through the most important on-page SEO factors, so that you can easily rank higher, get closer to your competitors and enjoy the benefits of that.

While Your Competitors Are Getting Leads From Social Media, You Are Barely Getting Noticed

Isn’t it a loss that your competitors are taking over your existing clients just because they have a well-established presence on Social Media?

While your marketing team is trying to build a presence without any progress, your competitors may be making millions by driving social traffic.

But just because the strategy of your team turns out to be unsuccessful, it doesn’t mean Social Media Marketing is just another way to burn through hard-earned cash.

Keep in mind that, as with any other thing in life, “It’s not the tool. It’s how you use it.”

With the right Social Media Marketing strategy and the right team, your business can also tap into a little-known traffic source for your website.

The “Winner-By-Default” Social Media Strategy

Google gets over 3.5 billion searches a day. And this created an entire industry called Search Engine Optimization.

But, did you know that there are over 2.5 billion searches a day on social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.? Yet, fewer really bother doing actual “Social SEO.”

You will hear thousands of consultants and marketing agencies raving about increasing likes, shares, comments, retweets etc. but that’s like trying to get to the Moon with baby steps.

To really “make it” on Social Media, you need a paradigm shift. You’ll have to shift your focus from allowing yourself to be dragged into a race of chasing useless stats, and instead focus on an effective way to do Social Media Marketing for the long-run.

The way forward is to stop running after Shares and Likes. Sustainable, proper Social Media Marketing focuses on extending the effective lifetime of every social post that you make. And, each post that you make should work together toward a common goal: to make your company page on Social Media the Go-To place for anyone that would ever search for your products or services on Social Media.

Immagine how your business would change if you would be able to tap into another, organic traffic source that is like Google? Every blog post you publish on your website increases your brand value and will attract traffic from Google for years. The same should be true for every social post.

This is exactly what our Winner-By-Default Social Media Marketing Strategy will do for you. Just like you grow your website to grow your business, our strategy will help you to grow your social presence to grow your business. Every new social post will grow your leadgen potential from this new, social traffic source.

If it sounds a bit too complicated, don’t worry. Our team has a very solid grasp of the concepts, and we offer you a turn-key solution.

Why Work With The WebMaxFormance Team For Your Social Media Marketing Needs

With over 10 years of experience, WebMaxFormance has been helping mid-sized companies grow their business with ground-breaking social marketing services.

Many claim a ROI-focus. But just staring at ROI somewhere out there in the distance isn’t enough. We actually have the system to get there.

We know how to construct the needed experience for your Social Media audience, and to turn them in your clients, and your brand ambassadors.  

Our team uses proprietary technologies built on research findings from several research institutions in the fields of Human Emotions, Natural Language Processing and Customer Behavior.

This is not an artificially intelligent system. It is built to work with findings of university-level researchers, and do one thing VERY well: build social signals that push the right buttons for your target audience, and inch them forward into your leadgen system.

Creating social leads is not a one-step action that will take a complete novice to your brand, and turn them into a fresh, new, hot lead, ready to say “Yes” to any pitch you make.

In a Reality-Based Marketing, the key is meeting the people where they are, and creating social signals that resonate with them. These social updates need to do enough of a nudge to get them to take one step closer toward your brand.

It’s not aggressive selling.

It’s not manipulative social posts.

It’s not only being logical with your prospects.

It’s figuring out where they are, what their pain points are, figure out where they are on an emotional level, and only then, help them to make a small micro-yes decision for your brand.

It’s both logic and emotions.

It’s both art, and science.

And we’ve got all bases covered for you.

What Does The Process Look Like, What Does WebMaxFormance Do To Create Effective, Proven Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social is just another channel for companies to do smart marketing. And smart marketing starts with a very clear Market-to-Message match.

We take a deep, analytical, comprehensive look at who your market is based on hard data. We find out all their questions, doubts, pains, fears etc. when they consider your offer.

Then we go and create a “conversion journey” for your audience. We guide them through this minefield of deal-breaker issues gently and carefully, as if to not lose a single prospect.

With our smart Social Media Marketing approach, we help them through this dangerous journey from being in a tire-kicker mode to being in a raving fan mode.

Here’s a 30.000ft overview of this process:

  1. Creating A Persona From Your Target Audience
    As each sale is done between a seller and a buyer, we help your business figure out who this one person is, and use their personality to craft a message that resonates with him/her/it along the conversion journey.
  2. Social Competition Analysis
    We will identify your Social Media competitors, reverse-engineer their social strategy, and use their strengths and weaknesses when creating a strategy that will help your brand win the Social game with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness.
  3. Your Company’s Character On Social Media
    Once we know who your ideal clients are and who else is wooing them, we build a personality, a voice for your company that will be the most effective leadgen approach to attract the best clients, and to avoid head-on collision with other competitors.
  4. Identifying Relevant Social Media Platforms
    As every business is on a budget, we help you pick the social platforms that make “ROI sense” for your business, for your target audience, and for the sales pitch that you’re making. There’s no need to waste resources by being active on hundreds of social sites if your audience is not there, or is not in a buying-mode. We will find the most relevant platforms where your audience is in a buying mode and focus activities there.  
  5. Social Campaigns Planning
    With a known audience, company voice, and social locations, we map out our Social activity that will tap into that 2.5Bn searches-per-day traffic source. This way, you will be using Social SEO and pumping out Social Search Traffic long after we’d have posted the social updates online.
  6. Building Micro-Conversion Focused Social Posts
    When the time comes to get Social and post updates, we work to see that each social post is crafted in such a way that it will speak with the right tone of voice, and push the right emotional buttons to create a micro-conversion. This way, every social post will resonate with the audience as they’re moving through each individual conversion stage from being a tire-kicker of your offer, to being a brand evangelist.
  7. Reuse Winner Campaigns
    With smart analytics that focus on tracking valuable statistics, we will reuse the campaigns that perform well, and we use the findings to tweak future campaigns. That way, every next campaign bets better than the previous one. As the data grows, so does the quality of the social posts.

What Benefits Will Your Business Experience Using Our Services?

Thanks to our unique Social Media Marketing methodology, we will keep your audience emotionally engaged.

More importantly, we will help your audience use that emotional engagement to move forward in the conversion process:

  • Newcomers will become return visitors.
  • Return visitors will become receptive to your pitch.
  • Receptive visitors will become interested in your offer.
  • Those already interested, will become clients.
  • And existing clients, will become your brand evangelists on Social Media.

This is how smart Social Media Marketing works.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

It’s data-based.

It’s tailor-made.

It’s micro-conversion oriented.

It has a ROI-centered strategy.

And, it’s effective for your company.

Don’t get discouraged by previous bad experiences with cookie-cutter Social Media Marketing.

Marketing as an activity is a must-have for any business that wants to grow.

Social Media as a marketing-channel does work.

But it takes a team that has devoted their time to look long and hard at HOW to use Social Media, and that is ready to do the heavy lifting for you.

Play it smart.

Forget cookie-cutter deals.

Get your business a tailor-made Social Media Marketing Strategy that actually works.


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