• Armedia (Software services client. Provided Redesign/Build, Maintenance, Content Marketing, Social, PPC, Ongoing consulting)
  • ArkCase (SaaS client. Provided Redesign/Build, Maintenance, Content Marketing, Social, PPC, Ongoing go-to-market consulting.)
  • At-Hand Renovations (Home remodeling client. Provided Branding, Design, Development, Maintenance, Content marketing.)
  • Books At a Glance (Membership website. Provided Branding, Design, Web Development services.)
  • Biblical Training Org. (Academic training courses platform. Provided Development, Maintenance, Design, SEO, PPC, Business development consulting.)
  • Cashflow Diary (Investmentstraining platform. Provided Redesign, Rebuild, Maintenance, PPC, SEO services.)
  • Carpetshop (eCommerce client. Provided Rebuild, Speed and Security optimization, Maintenance services.)
  • D—-Construction (Real Estate developer, outsourced through a Canadian partner agency. Provided Design, Development.)
  • GOGO Band (Wearable AI medical device. Provided Branding, Design, Development, Maintenance, PPC, Marketing consulting.)
  • Genuine Experiences (German Embassy-funded startup for local tourism development. Provided Design, Development, Monetization strategy, SEO services, Marketing consulting.)
  • Palm Beach Customs (Classic & Muscle car customization. Provided Branding, Design, Development, Maintenance, Consulting, Content marketing.)
  • Penguin Dojo (Sports equipment brand. Provided Pre-Funding proposal, Branding, Product design, Web design, Development, Maintenance, Content marketing, Social marketing, PPC, Consulting.)
  • (Real estate investing training website. Provided Development, Maintenance services.)
  • High-Tone Auto Body (Automotive shop. Provided Re-brand, Design, Development, Maintenance, Content marketing.)
  • Hartwood JV (Software Joint-Venture firm serving the GOV sector. Provided Design, Development, Maintenance services.)
  • OhridNews (The No. 1 regional news portal serving 4M visitors. Provided Rebrand, Design, website rebuild, SEO consulting, Monetization consulting.)
  • SensorprodInc (Mechanical engineering sensors distributor. Provided Design, Development, Conversion optimization, SEO services.)
  • (Global job-seeking portal. Provided Funnel and Landing Page Optimization consulting.)
  • TimeDoctor (SaaS platform for remote employee time tracking. Provided product QA services, Landing Page Optimization, Website Design consulting.)
  • Traditional Cooking School (Membership website for traditional recipes. Provided Design, Website Development, Maintenance, SEO services.)
  • Fuji PrescaleFilm (Surface pressure mapping devices. Provided Maintenance, Content Marketing services.)
  • We-Rugs(eCommerce business. Provided Re-brand services.)
  • Westwood Net Lease Advisors (Real estate agency. Provided Re-brand, Design, Development, Maintenance, PPC, Content marketing.)
  • (Provided Re-brand, Design, Development.)

Outsourced Project


  • rejoicerichmond (Development)
  • squadboxstage (Development, WooCommerc customization futures)
  • covenanthousemi (Development, Donation plugin configuration, Gravity Contact Form)
  • webgeekssolutions (Development, speed and security website optimization)
  • All About Sign Language (Development, Membership pages, Membership plans, Responsiveness)
  • MSM (Development, custom app in WordPress)
  • viewpointewinery (Development, Self-ordering restaurant tied with Woo so clients can self-order without a waiter, and the order gets printed out to 4 printers (kitchen, bar, delivery office, main office)
  • haerkoinc (Design, Development)
  • americanlegendrider (PPC, SEO services)



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