Meet the Team

Igor Mateski, Marketing Research and Strategy

Igor Mateski

Igor is the founder of WebMaxFormance and the one responsible for doing Marketing Research, SEO and Sales Optimization.

He has extensive training and experience in optimizing websites to produce maximum results using smart SEO and research-based Product Pages that convert visitors into clients.

He has helped startups, family-owned and large businesses with establishing a strong and recognizable Web Presence with high performing websites and online marketing campaigns.

Igor has extensive IT knowledge, has studied Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology and even holds a degree in Theology. Before going into Online Marketing, he worked as a System Administrator, Network Administrator, has authored several training materials for certificates from CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft, and was a small groups leader and preacher in his church.

He is married to Monika. (see below)


Monika Mateski, Graphic and Web Design

Monika Mateski

Monika has been in the art/design world since her teen years, first with drawings & paintings, and later she took up photography. While doing photography, she started using Photoshop.

Since then, she has created plenty of artwork, designed many postcards, logos, book covers and web design.

She holds a degree in Theology and Pedagogy, has worked as librarian and has also done work for Benetton.

She is married to Igor “since 2008!”



The Geek Squad: PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JS, HTML5/CSS3

Any web development studio revolves around the geek squad. They multitask like we breathe. They think code as easily as we read poetry (or comic books). But they are camera-shy, and don’t want to be paraded out on the web. They like building stuff, but they aren’t overly interested in public appearances. “If you can’t code it, dump it” is what they think of publicity. So to be fair to their wishes, we won’t be mentioning any names, and stick to the stuff they like to be known for:

  • PHP/MySQL, the building blocks of any website. The Geek Squad has two people who are eager to jump at any opportunity to build databases with MySQL and make things work in PHP. There is very little interest in hobbies (except for biking, hiking, photography and gaming), so their lives revolve around their computers (and smartphones)
  • JQuerry and JavaScript is what makes websites work fast and user friendly. One geek is there all the time, doing Jquerry and JavaScript. He likes dogs, but doesn’t want to be bothered to keep an eye, so he has no pets.
  • HTML5/CSS3 is what makes a website beautiful and responsive (adaptable to screen size). We have one geek who handles these things, and when the going gets tough all of us can jump on board and see the project through.


Brand Evangelists

No brand can survive without brand evangelists. These are the people who will go out of their way to make a brand known. So it is with our brand evangelists. But we don’t pay them. Brand evangelists are people who say good things about us just because there is plenty to talk about. Just about every client we’ve had has taken the role of a brand evangelist.

Some are extremely happy with the complex web development projects we handled for them. Naturally, they are happy and are ready to help you see that Webmaxformance is the place to go for your web needs.

Some are ecstatic about the Landing Page Optimization (Sales Optimization) we delivered for their ecommerce websites, and they do not hold back to say that after the Webmaxformance team worked, their website produces X% more business.

Some business owners are so pleased with the online presence they got from us that they are completely OK to even call you and let you know that you too need the services that Webmaxformance offers. These people span from startup owners to business consultants (yes, they do work with the Fortune 50 copmanies) to university professors.


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