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What Our Clients Say about our Work

Jeff Gitt, veteran CRE Broker, Founder of Westwood Net Lease Advisors

“I’ve started working with WebMaxFormance back in 2015, they were recommended as the go-to folks for traffic and leadgen by a trusted advisor of mine. We struggled with a local company, but my website barely had 500 monthly visits, and no leads coming in. We had several different agencies manage our PPC, but we had very little success. Webmax turned things around for us. Within months we started seeing great leads coming in from our PPC. And by the end of our 3-years cooperation,  we got 20x increase of traffic, and we were getting some 120 leads per month. What started as a quick SEO fix-up, soon grew into a full, managed online presence. Content production, PPC Management, website development, tech support and so on. And they’re easy to work with. I gave  told them what I need, and they went out and got it for me.

What You See is What You Get

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Why Our Clients Pay Thousands for Our Services and Never Regret?

Imagine you had our marketing knowledge and expertise in addition to your CRE selling skills…

Imagine no more!

We can be your secret weapon that brings fresh meat on your plate month by month!

What differs us from all the other marketing agencies is our deep CRE industry understanding that works as a booster to our marketing expertise.

Developed strong expertise of how the market works.

In our office each and everyone knows how this industry works, they have a clear understanding of how potential Leads’ minds work, how they search for CRE, how CRE brokers capture leads, etc…

Using online marketing tools in combination with the industry knowledge and marketing expertise creates a system that is hard to copy or beat.

Every link in the chain is highly educated, experienced and dedicated in order to perform the task with laser focus.

Designers will make astonishing designs, copywriters write outstanding sales copies,

In our 20 Years experience of generating Hot Leads in CRE industry we have

PPC experts run data-driven campaigns, analysing department does the market analysis and calculations and you only close the deals.

We know where your hot leads hang on the Internet. What they read, how they search. What is their biggest pain point and what they value the most. What language they use and how their mind works.

This empowers us to know exactly in which phase of the buying process they are and based on that give them offer to move toward purchase.

Why You Can Experience Our Consultation For FREE

Let’s be honest. Consulting is our premium service and it’s based on indeep analysis. It’s far more valuable than 30 min Skype meeting.

What you will receive is 30 min with our experienced Online Marketing Consultant to ask whatever you want, ask for suggestions and get your answers based on 20 years industry experience.

Why you get this for free is because we want to show you what we are capable to do for your business. This will enable you to experience our professionalism and expertise in real time and in the most personalized way.

If you are happy with what you get in 30 min with one person, guess what a bunch of professionals can do in a few months using tools and analytical skills.

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