Technologies we Support

Our team is constantly growing with new, talented and out-of-the-box thinkers and doers. Because we all come from different walks in life, different academic backgrounds spanning from self-taught to engineers, we bring a great, symbiotic approach that works great for anything online.

Here’s a list of the most widely used skills we practice on daily basis:


Web Development Technologies

  • PHP (complete mastery by 3 developers, solid knowledge by 5 team members)
  • MySQL (complete mastery by 2 senior developers, working knowledge by most on my team)
  • AngularJS (one senior developer, one junior developer. This is the latest technology that Google owns since 2014, all of Google’s services are built on Angular)
  • HTML/CSS (We all have working knowledge as this is basic stuff. Clean, compliant and responsive, cross-browser ready)
  • Drupal (One senior developer. complex websites, complete mastery over functions for the site, building themes, enterprise-level websites)
  • WordPress (Team-wide skills. building, tweaks, speedups, security, theme customizations etc)

Graphics Design

  • Adobe Photoshop (3 great designers, but the entire team has working knowledge)
  • Adobe Illustrator (3 designers)
  • Adobe Indesign (2 designers)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (2 designers for video editing)
  • 3DStudioMax (1 designer for 3d modeling, animation)

Copywriting Subjects

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Online Marketing technologies, systems and strategies
  • IT Networks and Security
  • System Administration/Desktop Support
  • Computer Hardware repairs
  • Automotive
  • Building/Construction
  • Wiring/HVAC
  • Psychology/Personal Growth/Coaching
  • Theology/Philosophy/Ethics,
  • Sales Copywriting
  • General Blogging


  • SEO Audit (standard review of sites to present at-a-glance overview of what’s good, what needs to be fixed on the site)
  • Off-site audit (link portfolio, relationship between backlinks and traffic, relationship between site structure and backlinks etc)
  • On-site audit (information architecture, content footprint, content quality, content complexity, relationship between content complexity and traffic etc)
  • Competitive intelligence (SWOT analysis of 3 competitive sites vs the client site employing off site and on site audits, end result is a gameplan that utilizes the weak points of competitors in order to outrank them without head-on collision with their web presence)
  • Conversion tracking (using an independent tracker that tracks how people move through the site, very easy to use and present to clients)
  • Landing page optimization (using best practices and our software for heatmap tracking that tracks sessions w/ video replay, click maps, scroll maps and attention maps)