SEO Analysis: See your website through Google’s eyes

Did you know that businesses just like yours are losing hundreds of leads each month because their websites are not set up to attract attention and convert visitors into clients?

Most solid SEO campaigns start with an in-depth, intelligent website SEO audit. When you know where your website is going, it will perform much better in organic rankings, you will get more traffic to your site and of course more clients for your business. Guaranteed.

For a good SEO action plan, you need a thorough understanding of On-Site and Off-Site SEO overview that covers most of the big SEO issues any site can have:

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  • Site coding issues (loose HTML tags, broken/superfluous code, browser image resizing, excess CSS, etc)
  • Site structure (how the content is organized on the site, URL depth, URL issues etc)
  • Page-level issues (content to code ratio, image meta-elements usage, Title tag, H-tags, metadescription, etc)
  • Link profile of your site
  • Side by side comparison of yours and 3 competitors websites’ link portfolios
  • Content overlap between your site and 2 competitors websites
  • Site speed comparison against 2 of your competitors websites

With such a list, you will get a clear understanding of what your site needs, why it needs it, and where to start with the improvements.


Take the guesswork out of your SEO activities. Within a few days, you will get a hand-made analysis report, done by a real person, so that you can do all it needs to be done and get that traffic flowing in finally.

We all know that websites today have hundreds, even thousands of pages. Each page is a doorway for visitors to get to your website. But keeping an eye on all these pathways is a tedious task and many times, things slip by. Although it may sound as these oversights are not a big problem, but they compound and the overall effect to the ranking potential of your website is quite detrimental.

How much would your business improve if you find out how your competition is working, how they build their rank, and what it takes to outrank them on Google?

With a smart SEO Analysis, this is very doable. You will get a concise, action-oriented competition analysis and comparison, so you can track a better action plan and outrank your competitors with smart SEO.

How much does your online success mean to you?





No, this is not a cheap trick. We can’t take tons of orders. These audits are done by hand by experienced SEO auditors. We can only take a few orders per month.

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YES, I do want to outrank my competition!

After payment you will be taken to a Contact form to fill out some basic information about your business’ online presence.

Please include the following details: your website, social profiles on Facebook, Google, Linkedin; and who your top competitors websites are.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a phone/skype call to go over some questions about your challenges and goals with your web presence.

Some FAQs

Q: What goes in the SEO audit, what sort of issues do you cover?

Each website is facing unique calenges so each audit will be tailored to address the issues your website is facing. With some sites the focus will be more on the technical SEO issues such as site structure, site speed, redirect loops, redirect broken chains and so on. With some websites bigger issue may be the use (or lack there of) of meta-elements such as meta-titles, meta-descriptions, heading tags and so on. Other sites may suffer from thin content. Yet some sites may suffer from all of these issues. Regardless of the situation, we will address every issue that is holding back your site.

Q: Will you only identify the problems or is there going to be a section for suggested fixes?

Each issue will have its own section. Each section will have an introduction so that you can understand what is it we’re covering there, and why it is important for you. Then we’ll go into analyzing the data for that particular issue. In most cases each section will have a table, a graph and a solid block of text explaining the data. At the end of each section you will have a short but comprehensive diagnosis and suggested solution. In very rare cases, if your site is huge and has tens of thousands of daily visitors, analyzing all the traffic may go beyond the scope of this audit but in that case you will get a solid coverage of the issue and suggested next steps.

Q: Do you accommodate for buyers remorse?

As this is a service and we are in fact dedicating serious resources into performing the audit and writing the report, it would be best if we keep this in the firm but cordial NO zone. If you do decide to ask for a refund it would be best if you do it before we start. If you decide to ask for a refund after we send the reports to you, it will be an exchange of values. You get your money back, we get our work back. We reserve the right to publish those reports though, as we’ve done the work and you refused to pay. It’s like building a custom car. If we build it and you don’t want it, we’ll drive it or sell it to somebody else.

Q: Does this actually get any results at all?

The audit is an extensive diagnosis that results with a prescription. If you choose to do the suggested work, then yes, by all means you will see improvement. From previous experiences, traffic and ranking improvements range from 100% to 1000% improvement. These are of course numbers from other websites and may not apply to your site. So consider this as a form of a disclaimer. Having your site audited will not make you a millionaire over night. There’s actual hard work involved in implementing the suggestions, and then there’s always the aggressiveness of your competition. In some cases we’ve seen optimized websites to keep on growing in ranking and in traffic for years because the competition was lagging behind so much. In some cases it’s a constant battle, but not an uphill battle. Once you establish your website with all the suggestions then it is a simple case of just maintaining the position and traffic.

Q: Can you list some clients that have used this audit and benefited?

We never give out the identity of clients who used this service. Even with a refund (explained above), we still protect the identity of businesses that used this audit. What we can disclose is the industries these clients cover:

  • Membership websites (personal growth, health and lifestyle, real estate investments)
  • Engineering companies (automotive, manufacturing/development/R&D)
  • Ecommerce websites (hotel websites, booking websites, travel websites)
  • Portals (IT related discussion forums, career development, job seeking, productivity improvement portals)
  • Tradesmen websites (woodworking, car customization shops, interior design/remodeling sites), and so on.

YES, I do want to outrank my competition!