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Why should you invest in online marketing? Here are a few key reasons:

  1. Over 70% of all purchasing decisions are made online
  2. A solid website can bring up to 7 times more business
  3. Strong SEO increases your site visibility up to 90%
  4. Social Presence improves your business popularity
  5. Online Marketing pays up for itself within 3 months

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1. What kind of clients would you like to attract with your website? (eg. large corporations, local businesses, real estate developers, hi-tech companies, residential complexes, individual house/shop owners etc) This will help us understand your target market so that we can design and develop the site functionality to "click" better to the target audience. This can also help us to make the user-persona (the avatar) of your ideal customer.

2. If your business was a person, how would you describe him? (eg. middle-aged, easy going, owns a family business etc). The point here is to help us understand the way you communicate with your clients in face-to-face conversations, and transfer it to the web, so that your website is a solid representation of YOUR business rather than being a generic website without personality. People buy from people, not websites. So we need to properly convey your personality to your target audience.

3. How well is your business going? (how many clients you have each month, what's the average bill you send out to them, how much profit per client you have in percent). This will help us run the SWOT analysis against your competition and make sure your website is not under-selling or over-selling your business. This will help in getting the right type of visitors on the site and convert as many of them in paying clients.

4. What is the current status of your website? How many visitors you have per month on average? How frequently you update your website with new posts? We need to know this starting point in order to reach your goal successfully and compare the results afterward.

5. How many leads would you like to get from the site each month, when would you want the site to achieve this clients-per-month expectation? This will help us determine what marketing activities to do and make the most of your monthly marketing budget for your web presence.

6. What are your top 5 competitors? List their websites, areas in which you compete with them, areas where you believe you have the upper hand.

7. Give us some examples of your favorite website designs, colors or maybe shapes. Tell us how do you want to look like your landing page, services page, ‘about us’ page etc… The examples can be from a competitor’s website or some other un-related business. We need to know what you mostly like in general, so we can make something similar but UNIQUE with user-friendly interface and clean, responsive design.

8. Please list the main services you provide, how long you are in business, and what area/towns/cities you service.

9. You can also state for which services you want better sales letter or improved copywriting. We need this information for our copywriting team to start researching immediately and bring the most effective call-to-action sales pitch for your service(s). If you want new content (blog posts) for specific category, state that too.

10. How would you like to promote your website?In order to properly plan our marketing strategy, we need to know what will be your main focus for promoting your website out in the world. You can simply answer for example: “I want to promote my website with organic SEO and social media (Facebook and Twitter)”

11. How much can you invest in online marketing on a monthly basis over the next 12 months? This includes web design, on-page SEO optimization, creating new content/updates on the site, social media marketing, email marketing etc…