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An Online Sales Process is like a pyramid climb: many people start, but very few climb all the way and become your client. Landing Page Optimization is basically shrinking the pyramid, helping your website visitors get to your product/service without too much hassle.

There are hundreds and thousands of people swearing in business success by having tons and tons of traffic on their websites. But things today aren’t so simple any more.

It takes just one or two seconds for people to make a “Like/No-Like” decision about your site. So having a website that’s quite likable is crucial for business success.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO), or Sales Page Optimization, is a process of fine-tuning the look and feel of web pages (home page, product pages, signup pages etc) so that it looks just right to the target audience.

If people come to your website looking for information and the site looks and sounds like a sleazy salesman, you’ll lose these visitors in a heartbeat. If however someone wants to buy your product, and the Product Page rants on for too long about your past successes, you won’t make a lot of sales. Optimizing pages means optimizing for intent, which requires a lot of research, traffic analysis, and plenty of knowledge in how people interact with digital content.

If your website has any business goal other than just standing on the net, then you’ll want to have a good mechanism of attracting visitors and provide each one a way to move through your site’s content in such a way that they get their questions answered, and motivated enough to either sign up for a newsletter, ask you for a quote, or buy your latest product. This intentional movement of people through your site’s pages so that each visitor takes the road most compatible to her/his needs is called Sales Funnel Optimization.

When you have solid traffic on your website and expect visitors to make a specific action (signup, share, buy etc), running a site-wide LPO and SFO is very important because statistics shows that properly constructed landing pages and sales funnels can increase the site’s effectivenes by 1000%. Yes, a thousand percent increase in:

  • sales
  • signups
  • shares/tweets

As LPO consulting is a multidisciplinary activity, pricetags are high, but if your site has a measurable business role, improving the sales elements of the site are extremely important, if you want to make the most of your site’s traffic.

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