Ideal Match: Fortune 500 Marketing That Fits Your Budget

Congratulations, you have discovered the key to your business growth for 2013.

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So what’s this timely deal?

We decided to let our happy clients share the brochure with their friends. We didn’t mass-distribute the brochure that brought you on this page. There are only 1000 brochures printed out and distributed to our happiest clients and since you have one of these copies, you definitely have a great friend: the one that gave you the brochure. You got the brochure because your friend cares for your business growth and wants to share an inside info on how to use our expertise to grow your business without spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing.

There is a premium offer limited to the first 50 businesses that will get an amazing pack of marketing services that the Fortune 500 companies use to achieve their growth.

Here is a list of what you can get as a special offer that is not publicized on our main website or anywhere else on the internet. What you see is exclusive, your-eyes-only offer:

  1. Get a website with built-in mechanisms to help you grow your business
  2. Stellar SEO to help you take on your competition and beat them
  3. Social Media Marketing that will scale your marketing to new heights
  4. Email Marketing to keep your clients engaged and coming back for more of your products and services
  5. Video Marketing to get your business in front of thousands of your potential clients

There are many local businesses and even startup comapnies that have used our services and can testify of this excellent pack of marketing services. Many of them are coming back for more marketing because they see that for every dollar spent in online marketing they get up to $34 in business.

Imagine that:

You can get up to $34 in business for every dollar you spend in online marketing!

Chances are the person that gave you the brochure has a successful story to share with you.  Even in the most conservative case, our clients have reported a massive increase in business, where for every dollar invested in marketing, they got $7 in business. However you look at it, your marketing investment will make an excellent Return on Investment.

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