Blowout Marketing Deal for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

Did You know that thanks to strong web presence,
multi-million dollar corporations are
chipping away your niche market?
Experts say that by 2014, 80% of
all purchasing decisions will be made online,
usually on the websites of companies that have
strong sales potential and strong SEO.



Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) are the driving force of the US economy, and the economy world-wide. But with the penetration of online commerce (ecommerce), big corporations can now serve end buyers without any big problems. For SMB owners and managers, this makes things even more difficult. Not only do you have to compete with your local competitors, but now you have an extra headache because the multi-million dollar industry giants are now going after YOUR niche market and if you dont do something now, by 2014 they will take over 80% of your market share.


What you must do to save your business from extinction?

You need a solid web site that is built from the ground up with a strong business purpose: Attract more web visitors and convert them into YOUR paying clients.

Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Set clear business goals for 2013
  2. Get a website that matches these goals
  3. Get solid SEO going to attract web visitors
  4. Run a tailor-made Social Media Marketing campaign
  5. Keep clients coming back for more with Email Marketing

Each point is crucial and the better you are in each of them, the stronger your prospects of success will be.


How can you beat your competitors?

Remember, your competitors are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on each of the steps listed, and their mind is set to grab as many clients as possible. Unfortunately, while their business grows, yours will only be collateral damage in their eyes…. but going out of business for you is a serious problem. As a comparison, an info leaked a year ago that JCPenney’s spends $100.000 PER MONTH on SEO and make millions from sales during the Holiday Season alone.

The way to beat them is to excel at each of the 5 steps. They invest big bucks, but the beauty here is that you don’t have to spend so much.


We at WebMaxFormance have spent tons of time and resources to learn how the Fortune 500 companies run their marketing campaigns, we checked which one works best, and we adapted these strategies to suit small and mid sized businesses. It’s sort of a Robin Hood type of approach which we tested for the past few years with excellent results.

Now we’re ready to spread the good news to SMB owners such as yourself, so that you can benefit from our work and grow your business for years to come.

There is just a handful of open spots for businesses to sign up and get this amazing pack of marketing services. To reserve your spot on the winners bench, all you need to do is fill up the form below and we can get you started ASAP.

Join our happy clients club and trample your competition with Fortune 500 marketing.¬† You won’t need to spend hundreds of thousands each month on marketing.

You won’t even need to spend tens of thousands. We’ll build you a Marketing pack based on your business needs and your growth ambition. Our clients report a staggering business growth thanks to every single dollar spent on marketing:

I get over 50% of all my business from the website. Your work has literally saved my business in 2012. (J.R., Ft. Myers, Florida)

For every dollar spent on marketing, I get $7 back in profits. Business is booming! (D. S., Detroit, Michigan)

I got a 34 times return on my marketing investment within a year from starting off with my website. 34 times! I wish I started with the Premium  $1200 pack earlier. (D. T., Aspen, Colorado)

I invested over $10.000 on your services in 2012, and that has brought us tremendous growth. Please look over my traffic stats and give me the top pack needed so I can outrank my 3 largest competitors and improve sales for at least 10% by the end of 2013. (J.S., Madison NJ)

We have set our mind on only getting 50 businesses in 2013 Nation-wide and help them get Fortune 500 marketing for their local business. As spaces are limited, it is extremely important for you to act fast and get reserve your spot early on. We can work on the details over the phone or with emails.

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