Attention, Scroll and Click Heatmap Tracking Services

You invest tons of time and money in getting visitors on your website, yet when they do come, you have no idea what they focus on, what they ignore, or how much time they spend on staring at that Buy Now button before they decide to click it.

Welcome to the age of user-centered analytics and web design!

With all the individualization, your Google Analytics tracking simply won’t allow you to see how each individual navigated through your website. Imagine how much you can improve the conversion rate of your sales and capture pages if you had a way to track individuals rather than merging their sessions into a confusing Visitor Flow chart that Google offers

The Market of One does not settle for Visitor Flow analytics

Stop wasting your time with Visitor Flow. Move to a user-based analytics

Imagine if you could see how each person comes on your site, navigates through the pages, and how he/she interacts with the content of the webpages. Then, imagine if you could see how long they scroll through each page, where they stop and read, where they click and what page elements they completely ignore.

In comes heatmap tracking. It was usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies but thanks to our proprietary technology for vector-based tracking, you can now benefit from visitor tracking and get compound attention maps such as

  • Attention heatmpap (where people spend most of their time on the page)
  • Scroll heatmap (how far they scroll through pages, especially long ones)
  • Clicks heatmap (where people click on the page)

Get results such as these heatmaps, where you can clearly see what people see, read and click on:

Attention Heatmap Services

attention heatmap tracking services

Typical attention heatmap reveals where people focus on the webpage


Clicks Heatmap Tracking

clicks heatmap tracking service reveals where people click on the page

Click maps will show you where people click on your website


Scroll Map

Scroll reach heatmap tracking shows you how far people scroll through pages

Scroll reach heatmap tracking shows you how far people scroll through pages


Stop wasting your time and losing clients! Get going with session-based tracking and track how people interact with your key pages: Homepage, product page, signup page, Pricing page etc.

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